SEO Marketing Strategy: Communicating Effectively with Your Marketplace

SEO Marketing Strategy: Communicating Effectively along with your Marketplace

 So what is SEO?

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Simply speaking, SEO is “the procedure for improving the visibility of the website or a web page in search engines via “natural”, or un-paid “organic” serp's. (Wikipedia)

Why SEO?

Organisations who operate in just a B2B marketplace rely heavily around the strength of their sales teams to look out and find potential customers, push marketing at its best you could say. Sales teams would be the driving force, the engine with the company pushing the company and are considered key communicators with the company’s products and services. As a result, companies invest a lot of cash training their sellers on how to sell effectively.

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It is a very costly process with there being also associated costs of sale. A salesman job is to find and close business. So sales people main task is always to look for real prospects that are in the market for their service or product. But is it fair to anticipate a sales team to draw prospects alone through personal canvas? I really believe it isn’t. Your company website must also be working for you too!

Will it make sense to have a website that doesn’t give you the results you want? The solution of course is No. You now may be wondering your reason for not getting any sales enquiries for many of your products. The reality of the matter is because your website is not optimised efficiently! Implementing a search engine strategy is a powerful way to push traffic towards your website. Consider two important information about online users of the internet.

90% of Internet surfers don’t go past the top 30 position in search results.

75% of Internet users want to purchase a product/ service when working with search engines.

Why SEO? Communicate Effectively With Your Marketplace

the google serpsOne means of attracting more users in your site is by working with a search engine specialist. Their job would be to work on an online acquistion strategy to be able to increase the number of visitors to your website for targeted keyword phrases. The aim of SEO is to get your website top of the organic listings on the search engines. By doing so, it will attract potential customers to your website as it will heighten the visibility of your site online.

As a result, more people will see your site, the right people, those who find themselves already looking for the products and services that your company offers. These are the much sought after prospects that are ready to make a commitment that sales people find very hard to find! This may therefore return more sales to your business and a better ROI (Return on your investment). Please note the main benefits of what you will achieve by implementing an SEO campaign.

Top 5 Advantages of SEO

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- Lead Generation/Customer Acquisition Tool:Generate more sales for your business/better conversion.

- Affordable Targeting: Reach the targeted customers of your liking, most effective and cost efficient type of marketing or online marketing.

- Pull Marketing Tool: Meet your buyers requirements if they are searching for a product/service your company provides.

- Brand Awareness: Increases brand awareness and communicate the worthiness proposition of your services to more users.

- Improved Communication: SEO requires good quality content on your website that can improve overall communication. It will likewise secure trust as people feel more confidence in companies put into the top organic listings of engines like google. It will also help with PR building, reputation management and competitive advantage.

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